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The Multicultural Disaster. Letter published in the Spectator.

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This site is dedicated to the English people. Our magnificent heritage and identity is being air-brushed out of history by a guilt-ridden intelligentsia bent on destroying all that our ancestors bequeathed to us of value and worth. We are developing this site as fast as we can. Give us your feedback!


Miles Harris of Salisbury Review: Events in Syria have once more sparked controversy over multiculturalism. Today, the 1st of September, BBC Radio 4 broadcast a programme on The Honeyford Affair which was first raised in The Salisbury Review.
I have put a link up on the front page of our website to the BBC programme.  To listen to it click on 'Listen to the Lessons of Ray Honeyford.'
In addition, to read the full article that provoked so much controversy click on Ray Honeyford at the top right of our web page


Littleton-green-racist-kids-letter.jpg (128075 bytes)The infamous letter written by the aptly named Mrs Small, headmistress of Littleton Green Infant School, threatening to brand any toddler who doesn't go on a multicultural indoctrination course a racist and which will stay on file for the whole of the child's career. Download (pdf)

Professor Robert Duchesne’s account (“Surrendering the Heights of Abraham”) of how the Euro-white world has been and is being deliberately demolished by multicultural fanatics who are bent on diluting the evil whites with as many different scumbag races as possible – destroying our national identity. He is talking about Canada, but it applies everywhere.

The Salisbury Review Extract from  Autumn 2013 (pdf)

White ethnocentric thinker, Harold Covington, reflects on how big government and big business 'farm' us in the 'worldwide consumer plantation'. (wav. sound file).

Dennis Prager's rousing definition, at University of Denver, of what it means to be an American - and how it has been undermined by European lefty ideas imported in the last few generations. 

Canada's Multicultural Madness, Ricardo Duchesne, Salisbury Review 2012 Q3

The WASP Question, Fraser, Review in Salisbury Review 2012 Q3

Dysgenics, Genetic Deterioration in Modern Populations, Richard Lynn, Review in Salisbury Review 2012 Q3


Thoughts on Emma West
by Sean Gabb, Director, Libertarian Alliance

Last week, Emma West was filmed swearing at a tram filled with black people. She was immediately punished by having her life destroyed.

Emma West is a white working class woman who got into an argument with some black people in a South London Tram. You can see the video here:

Miss West has now been arrested for her opinions and locked away, and her children have been taken away by the social services.

Of course, if she had been wearing a headscarf and screeching about the "kuffar" who were killing her brothers and sisters in Iraq/Afghanistan, the authorities would have looked the other way.

For a woman to have her children taken away because she expressed opinions disliked by the authorities means we have come as close as doesn't matter to a totalitarian police state. I note that this has happened under a "Conservative" Government.



Thought police muscle up in Britain 

By Hal G. P. Colebatch 

From: The Australian 

April 21, 2009 12:00AM 

Original Article:  

BRITAIN appears to be evolving into the first modern soft totalitarian state. As a sometime teacher of political science and international law, I do not use the term totalitarian loosely.

There are no concentration camps or gulags but there are thought police with unprecedented powers to dictate ways of thinking and sniff out heresy, and there can be harsh punishments for dissent. .. 

Full article

"Wait for Us to Fail, Then Vote BNP!" The Conservative Hidden Agenda? 

Free Life Commentary, A Personal View from The Director of the Libertarian Alliance. 

By Sean Gabb


Interesting words from Lord Malcom Pearson concerning Islam

…The political classes are suicidally complacent about Islam’s takeover of British way of life …

… One of his Muslim colleagues (a peer) threatened Lord Pearson to put 10,000 Muslims on the street and have him thrown in jail if he supported Dutch MP Geert Wilder’s visit to Britain…

…Whole cities are now effectively under Sharia law… 

…Moslems are breeding 10 times faster than English people…

Only two years to have a radical change of direction before the tipping point sends Britain over the edge into an inevitable Islamic state…

p.s. Lord Pearson is an urbane, diplomatic politician. He happens to be Chairman of UKIP, but here he is speaking as an independent peer.

Intelligentsia: Crushing of English Identity
Dr Sean Gabb of the Libertarian Alliance on the BBC and its mission to destroy the indigenous English culture. On Golliwogs, One-Eyed Scottish Idiots and Sending Poo Through the Post.

Pat Condell video:  Apologists for Evil
Pat's latest video slams the left wing intelligentsia for selling out to islamo-fascism. 

Welcome to Saudi Britain, has been re-instated on the YouTube video sharing site following massive protests from defenders of free speech:   

Fitna the Movie. Dutch politician Geert Wilders wake-up call showing how the soft-centered, well-meaning West is conniving at the destruction of its own civilization by a terrible, focused, hate-filled Islamization. Link to Movie 

Dark Matter: Crushing of English Genius

Professor Brain Riley's thoughts in The Salisbury Review on how our prosperity was built on people of talent. Today, by promoting mediocrity, we are condemning ourselves to a future of savagery and servitude.

Extract: "We live in the dark age of the common man, whose tastes dominate everything. Apart from those tastes, his lot has improved immeasurably over the years, at least in the West. He is free; he lives in a democracy; his health and well-being are looked after; he is not allowed to starve; he is surrounded by technological miracles. He does not ask how it all came about. If taught, he would be told that it is his inalienable right. In the current system it is unlikely he would be told the truth. The fact is that man has been raised from savagery and servitude to the present bountiful level by the thoughts and actions of countless individuals of genius. It has not happened by magic, nor has it been the action of a mysterious force called human rights. It has come about through the sweat and labour of men and women endowed with talent beyond the norm. Such are the elite of humanity."

Full Text

What is Englishness? 
Steven Pile's amusing but pertinent article in the Sunday Times: 
Awake! and search for the Anglo-Saxon spirit.

"If nothing else happens, non-Europeans will become a majority in the UK. That would probably be the first time that an indigenous population has voluntarily become a minority in its own homeland."
quoted from his book
"DO WE NEED MASS IMMIGRATION?", published by CIVITAS 2002. link 

MigrationWatch. One of the greatest threats facing us today is the mass of uncontrolled immigration. Scandalously it is aided and abetted by a virulent civil rights industry with their lottery-funded lawyers. Courageously there is a responsible organization, Migration Watch UK, headed by ex-diplomat Sir Andrew Green, that is, responsibly and accountably, protesting the situation with the government and the media. This is their link:

Immigrants Create Housing Crisis
MigrationWatch's dissection of the Labour Government's dissimulation and duplicity about the impact of impact of immigration on housing shortage.

The British Victims of Mass Immigration
Sir Alfred Sherman focuses our gaze on the hapless English working class victims of mass immigration whose home areas are occupied by third world colonizers. Read and download

How Political Correctness (or "Cultural Marxism") is destroying the U.K.
In the 1950s, Britain was a great place. It was safe, decent; children got good educations in state schools, mums could afford to stay home with the kids and TV reflected sound, traditional values. 

What went wrong? How did that country become the sleazy dump we live in today - so different that those raised before 'the 60s' feel like it is a foreign country? 
It didn't 'just happen'. A deliberate agenda was followed. Our culture was stolen and replaced by a very different one. This story is one of the most important, yet least known, chapters in British history... Read the rest of the article

Britain a Nation of Immigrants?- Rubbish!
We are bamboozled by apologists who try to pretend that 'Britain is a nation of immigrants". This the opposite of the truth: for a thousand years, Britain was one of the most homogeneous populations in the world - a fabulous heritage thoughtlessly squandered by the 'diversity' saboteurs. In an article in the Spectator, Oxford professor David Coleman, comprehensively  debunks the "Britain is a Nation of Immigrants" myth. Read and download.

Every British Taxpayer should see this!
Immigrant Calypso -- English are a Suckers.

The English people, are suckers for financing asylum seekers. Read and download this amusing song of an imaginary illegal immigrant waltzing into the country and getting his snout into the trough. Immigrants Calypso.

Enoch Powell's "Rivers of Blood" speech (1968)
The conservative M.P., Enoch Powell, saw immigration as a looming national disaster, storing up immense trouble for future generations of native English. Powell was an erudite and articulate scholar. To make his point forcefully, he used Virgil's prediction of war, in which the Tiber would foam with blood.  

Many saw Powell as a true visionary, voicing the concerns which were held at the time. However, Edward Heath, the Leader of the Opposition, sacked Powell from his Shadow Cabinet, condemning his speech as "racialist". Powell never held a senior political position again.

Powell received over a hundred thousand letters in support of his stance against immigration after his famous speech, and London dock workers marched through the streets in support of his views.

Today, we are now living the “war” that he foretold 40 years ago – and about which craven politicians did nothing to avoid. Download the full speech

Immigrants can never properly Integrate 
Our great national poet, Rudyard Kipling, foresaw the problem of how an immigrant just doesn't share our values and our ways in his poem The Stranger Within My Gate

Aussi Minister to Muslims: Accept Aussi Values or Clear-off
The full newspaper report where Australian ministers tell Muslim leaders that they have to accept Australian values or go back to where they came from.

Fed up with living in a shabby, gloomy, clapped out country? Fed up with multicultural Britain? Fed up with the State taking your money to hand it to people you wouldn't choose yourself? Turn the tables - be an immigrant in someone else's country!

Migrate! the Sunshine and the Palm Trees!

Cyprus is a European country with very few third world immigrants.
It has low rates of taxation, and council charges are derisory (typically about £100 a YEAR. for a three bed house).
It is still refreshingly free of Brussels bureaucracy. The absence of political correctness liberates the spirit.
Check out:

Real Estate



Support the UK National Defence Association:

"We champion the cause of our nation’s brave servicemen and servicemen – of all ranks and across all three Services. We work to ensure that they have the right weapons and equipment, that they are properly paid, and that they and their families receive the care and respect they deserve."

Professor Rowthorn says: Mainstream politics MUST debate the scale of British immigration

Bob Rowthorn, Professor of Economics at Cambridge University, highlights the impact of migration on the composition of our society if it were to continue at the 2004 level of 223,000 net immigration. The UK’s population would reach 74 million by 2051 and would continue rising strongly thereafter. Our population would be 16 million people more than if there had been no migration in either direction There would also be a huge change in the make up of our population with 15.8 million foreign-born people settling in the UK and 5.8 million UK-born people leaving in the period 2006-2051.
Prospect magazine

Amazon: Reviews of Peter Hitchens book, The Abolition of Britain. (Scroll down to Geoff Bond)

Radio Free Northwest.
Post Obama podcast

The Sovietisation of Britain: How the  British are being reduced to Serfdom
Myles Harris' analysis of how labour's tax, regulation and credit policies are wiping out the yeoman class, the backbone of Anglo-Saxon society. The Dictatorship of the Bankrupt 

Our Birthright  is sold for a Mess of Pottage. 
Quangos stamp on Ancient Anglo-Saxon Freedoms  hard-won over Centuries of Strife
David Webb points out how the long-term elite, controlling the state whichever party is nominally in power, has employed related falsehoods like 'racism' and 'ethnocentrism' to justify further regulation by un-elected quangos. These claims seem brazenly contradictory when these same people have also engineered a vast immigration. They have long controlled education and broadcasting, from within whose fastnesses they have mocked our historical and cultural sense, and advisedly striven to eliminate knowledge of our past, and pride in this country's achievements in the development of modem civilisation: not least in the reduction of real poverty.
The Consent of the Governed

Tomorrow is Another Country.
What is Wrong with the UK's Asylum Policy?

Sir Alfred Sherman
Feckless Dilapidation of the Heritage built by our Forebears

"The English gave their name to England. A person does not become English merely by living in England, and an English person does not cease to be English when they live somewhere other than England."


Dilapidating our Hard-Won Heritage
Why ought an American - or a Briton, for that matter - earn 10 times as much as a Chinese labourer? Does he work that much harder? Is he so much smarter? Does he have some unseen virtue blessed by the gods with extra spending power?
The Dictatorship of the Bankrupt

Metrication: Removing the Soul from Britain: 
Even Napoleon said of the metric system:  "Nothing is more at odds with the way the mind, the memory and the imagination work." Article by John Adamson
Shattering the Myth of Racism:
During the turn of the last century in the United States, public opinion was molded by religious institutions, business, and the military. By 1930, public opinion was increasingly molded by Marxist infiltrated academia, the media and government. The actors and institutions that determined how a citizen should view themselves and what behavior was proper had changed drastically.  For the first time the average American citizen, who was overwhelmingly White, was made to feel guilty for various sins.
Read Matthew T. Nuenke's article about how the White tribes are being suckered into self-destruction by doctrinaire social engineers. Article by Matthew T. Nuenke.
The Salisbury Review
A courageous magazine written from a position of high intellectual conservative thought. Its debunking of humbug and political correctness and its contrarian position on so much of New Labour policy is a delight for those fighting against the annihilation of the English people.
Editorial: Autumn 2004
Editorial: Winter 2004
"To have stood for the truth against fashionable falsehood for 20 years, in the face of routine Left-wing abuse, is no small achievement."
Peter Simple
in The Daily Telegraph
The Moslem Conquest of Britain
This penetrating article by a scholar of Moslem societies argues that, rather than taking us over by force, Moslems will simply outbreed us.
The Rot in the Root -- Multiculturalism
"This is, essentially, the demand of the multicultural idea, that people with dark skins be given goods, services, benefits, and advantages which they have done nothing to earn."
The last days of a white world
Article in the prestigious left wing newspaper, The Guardian. Forecasts the end of white civilization as we know it.
My Right to Offend a Fool
Polly Toynbee in The Guardian protests the legislation, sucking up to the Moslems in our midst, to restrict freedom to criticise religion,
Full of Sound and Fury
Sir Alfred Sherman laments the lack of direction from the Conservatives and the shameless vote peddling by Labour for immigrant votes.

Rights that Keep Us in our Place
Jim MCue
in The Salisbury Review (Summer 2005) says: “Many people are now uneasy about the ways in which the doctrine of human rights has tied the legal systems of the West in knots and flies in the face of common sense." AND "when investigating the affairs of Cherie Blair, a good deal of the public disgust derived from the feeling that it is wrong for a human rights lawyer to be using 10 Downing Street as an office from which to undermine the traditional laws of the land".

J. P. Rushton's book Race, Evolution, and Behavior collected and analyzed many of the data sets on race differences in brain size and intelligence and personality and temperament first noted by Darwin, Galton, and other 19th century visionaries. Using evidence from psychology, anthropology, sociology and other scientific disciplines, Race, Evolution, and Behavior shows there are at least three biological races (subspecies) of man - Orientals (i.e., Mongoloids or Asians), Blacks (i.e., Negroids or Africans), and Whites (i.e., Caucasoids or Europeans).         There are recognizable profiles for the three major racial groups on brain size, intelligence, personality and temperament, sexual behavior, and rates of fertility, maturation and longevity. On average, Orientals and their descendants around the world fall at one end of the continuum, Blacks and their descendants around the world fall at the other end of the continuum, Europeans regularly fall in between. This worldwide pattern implies evolutionary and genetic, rather than purely social, political, economic, or cultural causes. Link to the free download: Philippe J Rushton


    In the Spring of 1996, a new book about intelligence and education, THE g FACTOR, created shock waves in Britain by tracing educational failure largely to genetic deficiency in mental speed. The book, by an Edinburgh University academic, Chris Brand, appeared after years in which educationalists and the media had played down to vanishing point the importance of inheritance in yielding individual and group differences in attainment. Britain's politically correct academics were aghast to find fast track learning and streaming urged by a psychologist (as it had been by British Labour leader Tony Blair in a major speech in February, 1996). Under pressure from self-styled 'anti-racists', the New York-based academic publishing house, Wiley, unilaterally broke its contract with author Chris Brand by de-publishing the book for 'racism.'

    After years of hysterical attacks on hereditarian theorists like Cyril Burt, Hans Eysenck and Arthur Jensen, it is time to show that London School ideas continue to stand and will not be defeated by intimidation, suppression or sacking. Commended by professors of psychology at Cambridge (England) and Austin (Texas), and in a New Scientist editorial, THE g FACTOR is now re-launched in a revised edition (correcting minor errors*) via this page in electronic format. It is at once a textbook about IQ and a think-piece about what should be done to reverse dumbing-down in education and to help children at all intellectual levels. It rejects the tired educational philosophies of both conservatives and leftists and backs a new liberalism that would give children more choice. It is free of charge and may be copied -- though not altered, please.

    Chris Brand ( invites applications from mainstream publishers willing to re-publish his book in paper format, to advertise it and to place it in bookshops. He thanks the Woodhill Foundation, USA, for helping make it possible to gift THE g FACTOR to the Internet community.

* The book's political incorrectness, however, remains entirely intact -- so as to show for how little the forces of PeeCee (headed by Wiley, Edinburgh University and the Anti-Nazi League) were prepared to censor an academic work.

See the THOSE Cartoons here 

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